Comedian Ryan James tells a nail-biting story of being hunted by the police while committing a crime of opportunity at his high school. Watch Ryan Jame's Comedy Special “Ryan James I'm Fine” found on many streaming and cable/satellite services. More info on where to find it here:… or Watch the trailer:

Watch another animation where guest Storyteller, Johnny Beehner, share an embarrassing bathroom story involving his wife at a party here:

Hi. I'm Mary and welcome to Sketch My Story. If you'd like to relax with a little laugh and connect to others through stories, this is your channel! I love to draw and “Animated Stick figures” are my thing and I hope to make them a fun addition to the comedic story.

Do you have an epic tale to tell? If you would like to narrate your own real-life story, send me a message! I'd love to discuss it with you:
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